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Dear Victoria

We wanted to write you this letter to express our appreciation to you and your staff for the help and support you have given our son this year, the benefits of which cannot be understated.  

The International Centre for Excellence – your name says it all!  Once you make the decision to bring your child along you soon discover what a wonderful thing you have just done for them.  

The Centre is holistic, vibrant and an incredibly unique learning environment where each child has their individual learning objectives met in a setting that encourages creative thinking, individual self esteem, cooperation and productivity. Your hands-on learning approach is rarely seen in either the public or private school systems and should be applauded for its successes. 

Your staff are positive, talented, passionate and amazing people who work hard to build a strong rapport and trust with the children who attend. Each child is immediately put at ease from the moment they walk through the door. 

To us, it’s a lot like the premise of putting hidden veggies in meals, the kids don’t realise how much they are actually learning as they are having way too much fun to notice!

Your uncanny ability to relate to children gives you a unique perspective of each child and allows you to discover their often overlooked talents and skills.  In the same way that you do this you also build up each child’s self esteem to a level where they are able to realise and utilise their strengths to overcome their “weaker” areas of learning.  This also assists them in collaborating and interacting with other children as often these skills can deteriorate with learning difficulties which can negatively impact on the child’s confidence. 

Our son loves coming to ICE each week to find out what’s new!  It makes tutoring so much easier when your child is wanting to come and learn, rather than being coerced, and for this we cannot thank you and the staff there enough. 

Keep doing what you are doing!

With grateful thanks,

L and S

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