This restored my faith in humanity……

In the midst of the worst social behaviour I have ever witnessed, a sparkling gem emerged on Sunday and restored my faith in humanity!

After Church we trooped over to the hall to have morning tea and there was a big box of toilet paper displayed –  all donated by a parishioner with a sign:  “Caught short? Help yourself!”

I watched the people around me, expecting the rolls to quickly disappear but no, they didn’t. People really appreciated the generous gesture and only those who had really not been able to get any at all took one or two rolls.

When I left, the box was still half full- showing that people can act with grace, display good manners and ARE able to think of others. I felt proud to be a member of this group.

Come on Aussies- we can ALL act like this. This difficult time calls for calm, patience, generous spirits and kindness- in spades!

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