Thoughts for May

I am dreaming of the forthcoming holiday-furtively planning sorties in London art galleries, imagining coffee and watching the elegant Parisians and laying on the hot, hot beach in Rhodes! The absolute pleasure of the planning and the excitement of planning the novels and the writing and thinking time………..

There is that word again TIME- watching our children as they interact and struggle-sometimes joyfully and sometimes with utter frustration with our learning programs-they need TIME! We rush them all the time at school/before school/after school/weekends-when can children just “be”? When will great ideas form, new ways of solving occur and thinking breakthroughs occur if we rob kids of time? We are moving in ever diminishing circles and are in danger of disintegrating thoughts and minds.

We follow Howard Gardner’s model of the 8 intelligences at INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE and believe INTRAPERSONAL intelligence to be so important. This is the intelligence that allows us to know what we know-to be metacognitive in nature and to wonder and dream. Einstein was wondering and dreaming when he had his thinking breakthrough-he had the time to wonder and dream? Will our kids have this time? I doubt it.

why on earth are we all so hell bent on filling up every single moment and robbing ourselves, our children and the future generations of dreams, perceptions, new ideas and the sorts of breakthroughs this world so badly needs?

Anyway-at least I shall have my selfish/wonderful/longed for time to dream and think-my Sabbath!

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