Time to Reflect

In London and having time to think again! I love this annual pause in the pulse-a sort of “in-between time”.
Went to Tate Britain and re-acquainted with the Turner paintings-funny that you can look at something many times and then one day it leaps out at you! The huge influence of Greek and Roman empires plus especially all the old mythology surrounding them- all there in these amazing paintings.
I know Turner was a competitive, ruthless artist but HEY- what amazing connections he made between art and history!
It made me vow to reconnect with these old tales again-we have been parted far too long!

And-then got to thinking-all these wonderful kids we teach-they are missing out on this stuff. Their lives are stuffed with so much tuition, digital pursuits etc etc and the basics of classical edication are disappearing. I don’t care how anachronistic this sounds-I want them to have these old tales that uplift, help us to make connections and inspire!

I now have another pet project-to bring these tales to life in my programs-so looking forward to re-reading and breathing life into these old tales!

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