I have used digital notebooks for some years to record assessments, organise my thoughts, ideas etc and have recently used them wth great success wth all students.

Over the last 6 months we have introduced Noteshelf 2 to most of our students. This means they get their individualised digital notebook to work in and they LOVE it.

They get to choose their own covers and we choose lined paper, graph paper and blank paper for the notebook. The children write with an Apple pencil and immediately their handwriting improves. Of course they prefer to write thoughts in the great range of ccolours and enhance their work with the huge range of highlighter colours.

We don’t always use these digital notebooks- they also use pencil and paper but they love the time in their special notebooks.

We can print pages out for our records and email specific pages to parents. The children use them for reading, spelling practice, comprehension, writing and maths and sometimes are rewarded with inclusion of a blank a page for drawing.

This is really helpful technology and has enhanced our learning programs for ALL ages- and we get to save trees!

I recommend this app to parents and teachers- well worth the investment and you can add as many notebooks as you wish!

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