Tuition before school?

Today I worked with an amazing child who avidly dislikes tuition.

His wise, loving Mum wants him to improve academic outcomes so we put our heads together and decided to try 45 mins twice a week BEFORE school.

Today was the first session and I was blown away! This was a different child- keen, positive, chatty, receptive and the 45 mins just flew!

BUT- not only did we get done what I had planned- we did a whole lot of extra things too- fitted in both literacy and numeracy in a relaxed yet very productive, “vibey” way.

Some kids and adults are just morning people and if so- this is when tuition really works!

I am also a very early riser and MUCH more energetic in AM. Perhaps we need to match teachers and students by our most energetic times!

We have decided to offer these early slots for individuals every day after seeing how extraordinarily effective today’s session was!

I look forward to my next “early bird” session with this (now enthusiastic) morning oriented child!

Educators will know what I mean- you try 100 things that don’t work and then one REALLY does and it is all worthwhile again!

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