We DO have a choice

We are  acting like lemmings when it comes to our obsession with social media. We are ignoring our kids!

I am truly frightened about the poor oral vocabularies and poor language patterns of many of the children we see. Simply put- we are not talking to our kids enough and they are suffering!

We have choices and we need to really think about this. Teachers cannot possibly compensate for the way kids are being ignored, unnoticed and made to feel invisible.

I believe every child born is a gift from God and they deserve to be nurtured and cared for- not treated as if they were an annoying interruption to games, texting or face book.

Yes, I do know many of you don’t do this but many do and it’s just not fair to kids.

We are all texting madly and ignoring people we are with and when we ARE with the people we were texting, we text others. What is stopping us from BEING WITH each other?

It has gone beyond a joke and now kids are really suffering. Wake up. Your kids are lonely and they need you to be 100% present.

Many kids are completely addicted to social  media themselves- it is MUCH harder for kids to control this but we CAN!

Watch this and make up your own mind- we CAN turn this around and be there for each other- REALLY.

Watch this video and wake-up!



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