So here we are again-exams upon us and worried faces amongst our students from ICE. I always feel so frustrated at this time of year-we have a wonderful STUDY SKILLS course with brain compatible ways to study and learn-but the very kids who desperately need these skills-so often don’t apply them. It is really all about self-discipline and this is something teenagers find so hard. I am thinking these methods need to be taught in schools because many kids find it so hard to arrange their study times and often have jobs as well-wouldn’t they be better off learning HOW to study during school time and then having 1-2 hours of compulsory study time after school?

I also get frustrated with the crazy amount of homework some high-school teachers give out-thereby effectively denying students a chance to revise and summarise course content.

I wish all high school students everywhere good-luck in their exams but I fancy it has little to do with luck and could be helped a great deal by some judicious changes to school timetables.

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