There is very little evidence to prove children benefit from long hours of homework when they have already been at school all day long.

Finland enjoys very high educational standards without homework or national testing! We need to really re-think our ideas and practices if we hope to attain Finland’s high standards.

If sufficient time is given to basic literacy and numeracy EVERY DAY- then why must children suffer endless worksheets to finish after school?

If work cannot be finished in the school day-something needs to be thrown out-NOT the basic literacy and numeracy lessons!
Sure-all children need to read every night, practise times tables and spelling-this can take 15-20 mins tops. This is the sort of homework we give out at ICE- basic skills practice that children can do without the help of a parent, Mr Google or endless time that takes away from fun, family time and exercise.

Children need to run, play, explore, talk to friends, have hobbies, help with chores etc etc. This homework madness has to stop-it is SO bad for mental health, family closeness and appears to do very little for academic success either-judging by the fact that 46% of all adult Aussies and teenagers have very low literacy skills.

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