NEW START for brave kids!

NEW Cute yellow chick standing on child' s handSTART FOR 16 KIDS!
On Good Friday we launched the EASTER NEW START program in Singapore.


What amazing, receptive kids they were!
We went through a gradual process, learning to regularly express GRATITUDE, reviewing our SMARTS, stimulating our brains, writing AFFIRMATIONS, writing goals and much more!
I have learned that children DO want to be motivated, and reach for the stars. They often feel hopeless and don’t know where to start. These kids were SO receptive and I observed so many acts of kindness from them throughout the day. Most children did not know each other well before the workshop- many had formed firm friends by the end!
I had children of all ages in this workshop and they were fascinated to learn more about their brains and find out the RULES FOR GETTING SMARTER.
Of course the hard work starts now and I sincerely hope the children will continue to use these KEYS TO SUCCESS.

Well done children! It was a privilege spend a day with you!
We will be holding a similar workshop with children in Perth on Friday and I thoroughly look forward to it!

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