LKYToday I walked with many thousands of Singaporeans to pay respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

We emerged at the closest MRT station to a huge sea of people. In any other country, including Australia, I would feel slightly nervous around that number of people but not here.

People are queuing up to 10 hours to pay their respect and the hours of viewing per day have been increased to 24!

They were united in their purpose, aged people, children, pregnant women, young men, school kids- they came in their thousands with one common intent – to pay respects to their founder. And the mood was sombre but happy and sincere.

People gave out fans, drinks, food and there was an incredible sense of community. We walked in groups for a few hours, and the mood started to change and become quieter and more reflective as we approached Parliament House.

Each of us was lost in our own thoughts about this man. Each one of us needed to reflect and dwell on what effect this many had on the world. A great man has passed away. A man many of us in Australia disagreed with as young people, and yet if you take the long view- his achievements were amazing. His values, determination and in particular his unerring integrity and vision speak for themselves.

At Parliament House we were sincerely thanked for coming and we silently filed past the coffin. The mood was so quiet, respectful and lovingly solemn as each person bowed to show their respect.
It was a slice of history that will not be seen again.

It is a privilege to be here at this sad but curiously uplifting time!

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