The ABC of Child Whispering: P is for PERSPECTIVE

Happy child standing beside sea on hill sunset sky and rainbow. Childhood concept

A sense of perspective is essential for balanced and rational thinking.

This is equally important for children as it is for adults.

Children who lack this tend to be difficult to control at home and at school and seem to lack the ability to develop self-disciple and to see the whole picture.

A sense of perspective helps adults and children to keep the whole picture, view it from different angles and not just get hung up on details. Without this we would be unlikely to achieve very much at all!

We use daily MINDFULNESS to help our students around the world to achieve this and it works!

It is also essential we help children to look at situations from other points of view to encourage them to grow empathy. They need to understand that other people/children may be looking at a situation from a completely different perspective.

Understanding this leads to more emotional maturity and ability to handle strong feelings and calm down!

There are many ways to do this with may strategies suitable for different ages and stages.

We seek to grow perspective during our EQ4KIDZ courses and use many of the following strategies.

Try some of these strategies (provided link,) They will really help your children to understand this area and grow in emotional literacy and understanding.

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