Tips for Term 2

Term 2 is a VERY important one.

Once NAPLAN is over, a great deal of new concepts are taught. During Term 1, teachers revised the previous year’s work, got to know your child and started to teach the curriculum for the new grade level.

Now the weather has cooled, children seem to come to life and have far more energy!

More indoor pursuits can take place as the pool and beach are not so attractive now!

Homework schedules have now been set and most kids are aware of their new teacher’s expectations.In order to maximise success at school this term a few tried and tested practices help-

  • Children DO need to learn their times tables and they need to be automatically recalled by year 5. (right up to 12 x) There are many ways to do this but ALL the strategies utilise repetition and this needs to be at least 4-5 x per week. If you would like to know some effective strategies email me at and I will send you some ideas.
  • Spelling is an important skill and also needs to be learned util recall is automatic. Unfortunately your children are often judged by their poor spelling levels so we use a very systematic approach.
  • Children need to read on a daily basis from books that challenge, interest and stimulate their imaginations and thinking skils. If you email me I will send you my favourite list- broken down to age levels. The best family practice to encourage reading is to make a specified time every evening when EVERYONE reads. Just put some quiet music on and encourage at least 15-20 mins of curl up time with a book!
  • When this time is finished each family member can share something about their book- or not!
  • This practice ALWAYS has a positive effect  on fluency and comprehension levels and is great for you too!
  • Above all, let your child know you believe in them and if they show signs of academic weakness in any area- this is the term to do something. We take children’s learning styles into consideration when planning programs and ALWAYS seek to make learning a happy, enjoyable experience.

  • Call Victoria Carlton programs on 2777596 or email us for more info. We wish ALL students a fantastic successful, creative and happy term!

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