What an art class can teach us!

I did an art class this week and learned so much. To be honest I didn’t really want to go and tried to dream up 100 excuses! I was terrified that my complete lack of talent would be obvious within 5 minutes.

My fear was well founded but the teacher and the rest of the class were gentle with me!

I learned some surprising things that I probably should have learned decades ago!

  • How to concentrate on one thing at a time

  • How to listen to instructions carefully and what happens if you don’t!

  • How to admit I had made a huge mistake and ask for help.

  • How to stop worrying about ANYTHING else.

  • How to hold a paintbrush.

  • How to choose colours and make a decision.

  • I CAN draw a bird (so can everyone.)

  • How to blend colours.

  • How to work out where highlights and shadows should go (this was where my huge mistake occurred)

  • How to be quiet for a long time and stop making self-deprecating comments.

  • How to actually enjoy the fact that I finished a piece of art I sort of like. Each time I look at it I am reminded how much I didn’t know and still don’t but CAN learn!

Just reading through this I am realising that most of the things I learned were universal truths and skills we want all children to learn! So why would we ever miss ANY opportunity to include art in every subject areas?

Thank you Dinky Di Art – https://www.facebook.com/DinkyDisArt/

Now, at this time of the year I am recrafting our teaching programs and choosing themes, academic content and creative art activities.

Most definitely, my art class has ensured we will ALWAYS have a creative component in every lesson!

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