Nothing and everything.

Kids come to Victoria Carlton Tuition to get better in specific areas of school work.

They are given high quality tuition in individualised, small group or skype sessions and they get access to quality, evidence- based programs to help them achieve their potential.

Progress is monitored weekly and parents given regular updates and specific feedback.

So, don’t most tuition centres provide similar services?

Hopefully yes.

Now comes the difference!

Kids love coming and thrive. Victoria Carllton tuition is not just about academics. It is about the WHOLE child.

If a child is “hot-housed” and drilled without any enjoyment or understanding of what they are doing, the results will not stay.

At Victoria Carlton tuition, children are assessed and placed on enjoyable, evidence-based programs that suit their learning style and harness with their interests.

Teachers of this program understand that harnessing interests and motivation is PARAMOUNT for lasting academic results. Students are led through incremental steps designed to suit their learning styles, with plenty of hands-on, multisensory materials to cement the learning and provide engagement.

In other words, they get results, they enjoy the process and they learn to love their learning journeys.

The EQ4KIDZ program, written and pioneered by Victoria, is woven into all sessions so that children attending experience higher emotional intelligence, higher self-esteem and higher levels of motivation and resilience.

The EQ4KIDZ program is also available each term as an adjunct to boost self- esteem and motivation.

To find out more about the Victoria Carlton program call 92777596, 0409911135 or email victoria@vcprograms.com

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