The presents are unwrapped, the turkey in the oven I have watched some schmaltzy TV, napped and had a swim-what an ideal Christmas day-and yet something dark is threatening to intrude. The Sandy Hook slaughter of the innocent children will not leave me.

Something is not right. Martin just read the news to me-a car driver in China drove deliberately into a group of school children and injured 17 children! As Martin just commented, “The two most powerful nations on earth, Chinese and Americans, do not seem to be able to protect their children.” Come to think of it Australia has far too many children who are physically and sexually abused each year- seems to me that kids bear the brunt of the rage and frustration of adults who lack the resources to deal with their anger.

My wish for the world this Christmas is one where all children live in a safe environment, surrounded by love, nurturing, free education and protected from the truly crazy adults who want to attack and injure them.

This will be our prayer at ICE this year- Dear God please keep your beautiful children safe from those who wish them harm.


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