Today I have tackled my favourite job-actually more of a sacred duty!

I have gone through all my picture books-hundreds!- and chosen the ones I want to use this year. (Of course I will find many more!) Then I have put them in order of appearance and started planning how we will use them. I LOVE this part of the planning process as I want children to love books as much as I do and choosing from the best available gives me so much pleasure!
Of course I have to re-read and sit staring ay amazing illustrations- not to mention showing my selections to the teachers and children at ICE today!

As I handle each book, ideas fly in and I imagine what we will do to deepen understanding. Ways of linking titles and authors to study start to appear! I realise that Colin Thomson will be big this year!
All my Aussie books are boxed and ready for the Australia Day lead-up and I can’t wait to share Bronwyn Bancroft’s fantastic Aboriginal pictures. Sally Morgan’s “In Your Dreams” is whispering, “read me this year” and so I will!
Karen Treanor’s marvellous “Sleepy Harley” calls loudly and I remember with pleasure how the children loved this story last year because it is set in our street!

Bill Martin’s wonderful poem anthology yells, “Pick me!” and suddenly I realise I have done it again-chosen 3x more than we need yet somehow it doesn’t matter! The feast of literature has started- the food is in the book pantry and we begin to taste! Ah-delicious……

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